S03 E10 Danyel King

Danyel has been an entrepreneur from an early age. In his formative years Danyel always gravitated towards business endeavours and believed in providing value to his contemporaries. After completing his secondary education Danyel matriculated at the prestigious Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa. It was during this tenure Danyel decided to expand […]

S03 E09 Joanna La Fleur

Joanna la Fleur is a speaker, podcaster, TV host, and communications consultant. With a Business Communications degree and a Masters in Theological Studies, she has been helping the Church communicate the best news in the world for over 15 years. You can catch her interviews with Christian creatives and communicators on the Word Made Digital […]

S03 E08 Robert Robertson

Today on the show we have Robert Robinson. He turned his idea into reality but taking his brand seriously and surrounding himself with the right kind of people. Today is a masterclass in hustle, hard work, perseverance. Check him out at Home2 https://www.instagram.com/robinsonsauces/

S03 E07 Elena Vincent

Elena is 34 year old mama, wifey, and entrepreneur living in Toronto. She’s obsessed with karaoke, music, travel, adventures, hospitality and the nectar of the gods, aka wine.   Elena Started Semper Fi Digital in 2018 with Alex Krawtschenko aka A-Dawg. They live inside the digital landscape and love how it can be used for […]

S03 E06: Isabelle Poirier

Isabelle Poirier

Powered by RedCircle Isabelle Poirier Isabelle (Izzy) is the founder and lead designer of IP Design; a studio focused on brand identity. IP Design has a distinctly modern aesthetic and is characterized by its bold, adventurous use of colour and artistic approach to developing highly conceptual creative solutions. Isabelle is the founder of the Ottawa Design Club. […]

S03 E05: Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis: Author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Daniel Lewis is the proud founder of the award winning tea company T By Daniel. His people-focused outlook on entrepreneurship and his experiential business tactics have garnered him and his company nationwide recognition and many awards and honours such as a 2016 Business Excellence Award and 2017 Top […]

S03 E04: Amanda Viens

Amanda Viens

Amanda Viens: Amanda Viens is a Social Media Strategist, helping creative entrepreneurs leverage social media marketing for their brand. After several years spent in luxury interior design and partnership coordination, she combined her design degree with her love of copywriting and social media marketing to start serving others directly with her own business in 2019. Amanda is […]

S03 E03: Nuno Paul & Anthony Ierullo

Nuno Paul

Nuno Paul & Anthony Ierullo Nuno Paul is the CEO of En2 and has a background in Business Management and Corporate Sales. Nuno brings his business knowledge and skills to each project EN2 builds. Trained in construction management and with a passion for innovative architecture, interior design and new building technologies, www.en2.ca Read Transcript BartWelcome […]

S03 E02: Adam Sylvester

Adam Sylvester_Insta

SO3 E02: Adam Sylvester Not like any other Barber you ever heard of; Adam is a creative artist working towards bringing his ideas to life. https://www.instagram.com/adamtheapprentice/?hl=en https://www.adamtheapprentice.com/ Read Transcript BartWelcome to The More Life Podcast, where creative problem solvers, entrepreneurs talk about squeezing more out and finding meaning in this crazy thing we call life, […]

S03 E01: Mike Moll

Season 3 IG Post_MikeMolljpg

SO3 E01: Mike Moll Mike is the founder of MarketMe, a consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners connect with the businesses who need them.Constantly striving to provide his clients with simple, cost-efective ways to find new leads and and quality clients, Mike’s gained a reputation for using lean marketing to help his […]