086 | Bart Anestin

Are you struggling to find that perfect balance between ambition and self-care? This episode of The More Life Podcast is a must-listen! Our host, Bart Anestin dives deep into the concept of discipline, why it’s crucial for your success, and how to leverage it in a way that doesn’t lead to overwhelm or anxiety. 🌟 […]

085 | Dustin Serviss

This week we’re joined by Dustin Serviss. Dustin is a financial advisor who has been working with high net worth business owner families since 2005. Winner of numerous awards throughout his career and years of community focus has earned him Court of the Table seat in the Million Dollar Round Table. He and his partners […]

084 | Bart Anestin

In this insightful episode, Bart Anestin takes listeners on a deep dive into personal and corporate branding, discussing the vital differences between them and why both matter. Reflecting on his medium and long-term goals and drawing inspiration from notable thinkers , he elaborates on the importance of setting and focusing on goals that range from […]

083 | Marquis Murray

This week we’re joined by the incredible Marquis Murray, a repeat guest on MLP. We delve into the transformative journey of scaling a business, the trials of leadership and the value of trust within a team. Listen as we examine the challenges of growth, the art of decision-making and the power of staying focused. Get […]

082 | Bart Anestin

In this candid episode, Bart shares his journey through a tumultuous business cycle, from the highs of a successful Q1 to an unexpectedly slow Q2, and his resilience during the anticipated busy summer period. The discussion digs into the importance of balancing periods of high intensity with necessary breaks, and maintaining business operations through it […]

081 | Abi Regucera

In this episode, we invite Abi Regucera, a Brand Marketing Manager, brand therapist, and entrepreneur, to discuss her unique approach to alleviating the stress and overwhelm of her clients. Abi dives into the importance of being authentic and human behind your brand, not just appearing professional. She also talks about the significance of being intentional […]

080 | Bart Anestin

Dive into the new episode of our podcast where we unlock the secret keys to business growth and success. Today Bart is dissecting the DNA of branding, sales, and transformation to empower your creative agency. Understand the psychology behind the choices consumers make, the nuances of brand identity, and how to connect to your audience […]

079 | Alejandra Rojas

Unlock your financial potential with Alejandra Rojas, the money entrepreneur coach that translates your love language into numbers! On this week’s episode, Alejandra digs into the behavioural side of finance, helping entrepreneurs manage their finances, increase income, and build a healthier relationship with money. We delve into the concept of ‘financial trauma’ and how it […]

078 | Bart Anestin

“Breaking Through Entrepreneurial Barriers” This compelling episode dives deep into the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship, dissecting the mental fortitude it requires and the practical tools needed for navigating the journey. Bart uncovers strategies to stay grounded amidst the chaos, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with people smarter than you, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, […]

077 | Erika Flores

In this dynamic and engaging episode of our podcast, join us as we delve into the artistic process of a multifaceted artist, blending mediums from digital art to acrylic glass paintings to engraving on diverse surfaces with the incredible, Erika Flores. We explore the art of storytelling, from personal narratives to capturing the essence of […]