085 | Dustin Serviss

This week we’re joined by Dustin Serviss. Dustin is a financial advisor who has been working with high net worth business owner families since 2005. Winner of numerous awards throughout his career and years of community focus has earned him Court of the Table seat in the Million Dollar Round Table. He and his partners have generated over $400M in wealth for their clients across Canada.

With a background in civil engineering, he has used a combination of science and phycology to help his clients realize dreams they never dreamed of. Dustin enjoys an active lifestyle with his family and participates in outdoor adventures. An advocate for Fridays off and living more NOW.

Diving into the crux of entrepreneurship, we discuss the pitfalls of getting trapped within one’s own business and the significance of recalibrating one’s goals. Dustin introduces the “Financial Pyramid Framework,” a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs to strategically navigate their financial journey. This pyramid covers foundational goals, risk management, wealth accumulation, and estate planning.

The episode emphasizes the importance of proactive financial planning and introduces listeners to the concept of the “wealth edge” – leveraging one’s unique skills for better investment choices.

Whether you’re a business owner seeking to enhance your financial literacy or a professional aiming to prioritize your life goals, this episode offers a roadmap to freedom, financial stability, and a life lived on your own terms.

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