082 | Bart Anestin

In this candid episode, Bart shares his journey through a tumultuous business cycle, from the highs of a successful Q1 to an unexpectedly slow Q2, and his resilience during the anticipated busy summer period.

The discussion digs into the importance of balancing periods of high intensity with necessary breaks, and maintaining business operations through it all. We reflect on the invaluable lessons learned throughout entrepreneurial experiences, emphasizing the value of accepting failures, asking for help, and focusing on small wins. Bart also elaborates on the importance of producing quality work as a baseline in the creative industry.

Additionally, we discuss Bart’s approach to team management during busy periods and the importance of ensuring his team members maintain a healthy work-life balance, even amidst demanding periods. To conclude the episode , Bart shares thoughts on motivation, setting realistic milestones, and the balance between eccentric (intrinsically motivated) and concentric (extrinsically motivated) activities.

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