081 | Abi Regucera

In this episode, we invite Abi Regucera, a Brand Marketing Manager, brand therapist, and entrepreneur, to discuss her unique approach to alleviating the stress and overwhelm of her clients. Abi dives into the importance of being authentic and human behind your brand, not just appearing professional. She also talks about the significance of being intentional with your marketing to avoid burnout and how this intentional focus can pull your business out of a rut.

Abi offers an interesting perspective on the difference between organic and paid marketing and how different types of content serve different purposes. This episode emphasizes the need to lay a solid foundation for your brand and website and provides insights into how to empower clients and help them overcome their lack of confidence in their branding and marketing efforts. In an honest conversation, we talk about struggling in your industry, facing doubts as an entrepreneur and traditionally employed creative and the reminder that while the industry is big, each individual offers unique services and experiences. Tune in to learn more about Abi’s philosophy, how she navigates her entrepreneurial journey, and how she helps stressed business owners breathe a sigh of relief.

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