076 | Bart Anestin

This is more than just a podcast episode – it’s a blueprint for your business and life. Join our host, Bart Anestin as he journeys through the three Fs that drive his entrepreneurial spirit: Freedom, Fun, and Flexibility. From deep insights into his own entrepreneurial journey, lessons on understanding your happiness and its link to your business, to the role of money as a tool, this episode is jam-packed with powerful perspectives that challenge the status quo.

Discover how Bart has built a thriving business model that fuels his passions, fulfills his life’s objectives, and enables him to give back to the community. He also reveals his plans for the future, offering invaluable tips for young entrepreneurs and anyone embarking on their creative endeavour. In this episode, you’ll also get a first-hand look at the phases of building a business, harnessing the power of evergreen content, creating courses, software, and more. Get ready for a deep dive into business strategies, self-fulfillment, and how you can build a future-proof business. Listen in, subscribe and get empowered to seek your own freedom, fun, and flexibility in business and beyond!

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