073 | Rebecca Bruzzese

In this thought-provoking episode of our marketing podcast, we dive deep into the world of neurodiversity and its impact on the marketing landscape. Our guest, an accomplished marketing professional with a neurodiverse background, shares their unique journey of nurturing creativity and achieving success in marketing before it became the powerhouse industry it is today.


While often viewed unfavourably, “Jack of All Trades” is a title that Toronto based creative, Rebecca Bruzzese, wears proudly. Growing up, Rebecca’s teachers constantly told her to “focus” and “specialize” in what she was passionate about. As a neurodivergent individual, those “passions” were merely that week’s hyper-fixation, and her career path wasn’t as clear-cut as she had hoped it would be – so she forged her own.

As a visual artist, Rebecca has dabbled in most artistic mediums, while excelling most notably at calligraphy and painting under her brand Becca Makes. She blends traditional alternative art styles and vibrant colour palettes with various contemporary mediums to create striking and original works of art that push the boundaries of what is deemed “normal” – a common theme across her artistic and professional career.

Rebecca’s creativity extends beyond the art world, and was the foundation for building her professional career as a Marketing Strategist.

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