069 | Florencia Alba Moreno

Paper can be as strong as a rock or as delicate as a flower, it can be folded, cut, glued, painted in infinite ways, it can be found in thousands of colours and textures. Paper designer and craft engineer, Florencia Alba hasn’t found a thing that can’t be expressed through paper. She is endlessly mesmerized with the transformation of plain sheets into all kinds of shapes and figures and with the power of her hands to translate an idea into something tangible.

With six years of experience, three years in Mexico where she is from, three years in Toronto and almost a year in Ottawa where she is based, she has worked with music festivals, malls, jewellers, boutiques, photographers, event planners, hotels, cosmetic brands and tech companies. Specializing in customized interior decoration for commercial spaces and window dressing. It’s incredible how a piece of paper can share a whole story without writing a word on it.

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